The 5 Keys to Powerful Customer Communication


By automating your Lifecycle messaging, it allows you to go about your daily work and let’s the system take the burden of communicating to your subscriber base.


In communicating to your subscribers, consistency is a must. Since the SKYmessage system is automated, this allows you to have a consistent communication stream throughout the life of your subscribers contract. By sending consistent messages, your subscriber feels like they’re being “paid attention to” and makes them more receptive to receiving the message.


Relevancy! It's the mantra of today’s busy consumers who say “It’s ok for you to communicate or engage me, as long as it’s relevant to me and my relationship to you.” The SKYmessage platform gives you the peace of mind of knowing that every Lifecycle message sent to your customer is relevant to them, because every message sent is something that is triggered by a subscriber action or contract-related timed event the customer needs and would want to know.


To understand “Familiar” think of brands like Target, Kohls, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. When that piece of mail comes to your house, it can be lying on the table and you can walk by and see it out of the corner of your eye and you know EXACTLY who it’s from without even looking at it. It’s familiar and you are comfortable with it, because it comes in the same format, same look and feel EVERY TIME. SKYmessage templates also come in the same format and the same look and feel EVERY TIME, making your subscribers comfortable with “the process” and thus makes them more likely to engage and interact.


This is the best thing about delivering a digital message! Your subscriber can engage and interact as much as they desire! You can’t do that with a piece of mail or even with an email (unless they decide to leave the email and go to a website or worse if they open it on most phones!) The power of SKYmessage lies in the interactive templates that your subscriber can instantly consume information or find answers to the questions they may have regarding their message.